InKind Support / Matching Funds
Ideas and forms for superintendents and Business Managers

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Types of expenses allowable as in-kind:
  • Part of the salary for the Project Director to perform administrative oversight of this project. – This should be the district superintendent or principal
  • The PE Instructor time cannot be used as in-kind support
  • Donated time of any staff member: Plan time outside of the regular school day, for example. If a few teachers meet to discuss strategies to use in the classroom – log that time and assign a value based on their salary
  • Donated time of any community member who helps with any of the programming. For example - supervise a PEP activity during recess or any program that is devised to support the PEP program, community guest speakers, etc. (nutrition or physical activity.) Perhaps a local clinic PA comes to take student blood pressure during/after a PEP activity; a dietitian could come and speak about healthy diets, making healthy after school snacks; using locally grown products. A number of schools have nutrition grants – as long as this is non-federal funding - materials, other than food, may be used as in-kind support.
  • Substitute pay when teachers participate in professional development
  • Travel to and from professional development
  • Travel to and from PEP meetings
  • Costs of materials that support the grant – copying expenses, posters, additional purchases by a district to support increased physical activity during the day or in the PE classroom; better nutritional habits, etc.
  • You may also include the cost to rent a facility towards your match if such facility will be used to conduct your program activities, and if you provide evidence that the facility is customarily rented at the cost claimed.