What's Happening with the PEP Grant in SD?

S.M.A.R.T. Boost Up June 2016

Sixty Teachers and administrators from around the region participated in a three-day workshop.
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Year One Progress Report

Year Two Progress Report

Year Three Progress Report

Registration for LitPE/MathPE SPARK training for PE teachers

Sept. 26th, 2016

South Dakota Height and Weight Information Resources

Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program

Links to Revised Survey for 5-8th graders:

September 2016 survey

April 2017 survey

Additional Information:
1. Two windows for data collection for GPRA 1 & 3 = one week in September and one week in April.
2. Admin. / Point person - please collect all data before you forward it to me in one bundle.
Please make sure you choose weeks that include all five days of data collection.

3. Two data collections for GPRA 2 - PYFP (PE teachers) - I need the data by the end of September and the end of April.
*Make sure you send in the ratio of students who met the healthy zone!

4. SPARK for elementary PE teachers - Sept. 26, 2016
5. Boost-Up training - July 2017 (can take up to 60 teachers.)

6. New Documents for elementary - found on district Flash Drive (annual mtg.)
We need to complete and report on at least five of the six following activities:
1. curl ups / sit ups
2. trunk lifts
3. push ups
4. flex arm hang
5. back saver sit
6. shoulder reach

This PDF explains each and provides illustrations.

This PDF describes each activity and at the bottom at this site you can find some resources to help score them.

NPR One Story: Scientists Say Child's Play Helps Build A Better Brain

Activity Measurement for year 1:
  • All students in grades K – 8 will wear a pedometer during the entire school day during each of the three data collection windows.
    • Sept. 8 – 12 OR Sept. 15 – 19
    • Jan. 19 – 23 OR Jan. 26 – 30 (Note this change)
    • April 27 – May 1
    • Students in grades K – 4 may use the exit tickets (Tickets out of class) at the end of the day to record pedometer steps.
    • Teachers in grades K- 4 will use the teacher data collection GPRA 1 and 3 spreadsheet to record data. They will send this to sherri.becker@k12.sd.us on the Friday of each data collection window.
    • I will need a list of teachers whom I can expect to receive this information from. I will contact the principal/superintendent for those I am missing for each collection window.
    • Students in grades 5 – 8 will use the Student record sheets to record information throughout the week. On Friday afternoon, these students will use the on-line survey links to submit their data directly to me.

Diet and Nutrition Measurement:
  • Students in grades K – 4 will use the same exit tickets to record fruit and vegetable consumption.
  • Teachers in grades K – 4 will use the same spreadsheet to record data and send to Mrs. Becker on the Friday of each collection window.
  • Students in grades 5 – 8 will use the same record sheet to record diet and nutrition information and the following survey link to submit it at the end of the week.

Health and Wellness Measurement:
  • Personal Health and Wellness instructors will conduct the six activities from the Presidential Youth Fitness Program during each data collection window.
  • Personal Health and Wellness instructors will use the spreadsheet GPRA Measurement 2 Reporting to record the data and send to sherri.becker@k12.sd.us.

You will soon get an invitation to join our collaborative website:
http://sd-pep.wikispaces.com This includes a discussion page, in-kind support form, resources, and a calendar of events, PD opportunities, and meetings.